Hub Motor and Recumbent Electric Kits
Besides our kits for biking-triking on less extreme slopes, we are now taking orders for more demanding applications.
Heavy Duty e-Cycle Kit
perfect for cargo and pedi-cab trikes
These "high power" kits include the hub motor, voltage and speed controllers, brake levers with automatic power shuff-off switches, and spokes for your specific wheel size. The kit does not include batteries, charger, or rack mounts. This kit now costs $500...for motor models we stock in inventory, $600 for special order. Add shipping from San Francisco to your location.

Expect your complete e-conversion (incl. battery/charger) to cost at least $650...more, depending on battery type, size and charger. Also, for special orders, expect a 3 to 6 week delivery period after we receive your 50% deposit.
Kit description:
  • 48V, 1000W Brushless DC Motor , (400 or 470 rpm versions), 30NM torque
    (Note: this is a peak power rating, with ~ 2/3 to 1 HP sustained rating.
  • Hub Motor for 16", 20", 24" and 26" wheels...front or rear installation.
  • Speed varies from 16 MPH to 27 MPH, depending on wheel size and "standard" or "high" torque model used..
  • Range: More than 1 hour running time for 160 lbs rider. (12Ah battery stack)
  • Power Source: 48V -7Ah, 12Ah, or 17Ah Battery. 48V 12Ah battery is ideal.
  • Motor Efficiency: 87% ~ 95%
  • Motor Size: 7 1/2" dia., 3" wide, 6" L x 7/16" dia. shaft. Wt. 5.4kg. (Front hub dimension can mount in any normal fork, rear hub motor with threads to accommodate 6 sprocket gear cluster...)
  • Advanced PWM controller with sophisticated features (mouse click for foto)
  • Unique patented direct drive system for reliable operation in the water, rain, snow or mud.
  • Excellent acceleration with strong torque.
  • Free wheeling feature eliminates drag and friction when pedaling or coasting when the motor is off.
  • Hub motor does not need maintenance as it is fully sealed at the factory.
  • Very powerful motor with 15 degrees plus climbing ability
  • Handle bar mounted thumb or twist grip throttle with variable speed control.
  • Full 2 year warranty by manufacturer.
Ask about premium battery options for lighter weight...longer lasting power!

And now, what many of you have been waiting for...
Mid-frame mount cycle conversion kit.
Mid-frame mount for higher speeds and less weight.
Our most recent offering as of 9-11-02, we do not have prices yet...

During the colder months ahead, we will be testing these to make sure they are "bug free" before we release them next Spring.

Our customers can be assured these kits will offer the highest value and function possible...as our CHARGER bicycles have been for our many loyal customers.
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Bullet 3 "e-special-cycles" 
For heavier vehicles, contact us for a kit to suit your needs!
(photo courtesy of Solectria Corp.)
(photo courtesy of Solectria Corp.)
We expect to have other kits suitable for many types of vehicles:
"e-specialty vehicles"

Nickel-Zinc Batteries
Remember nickel-zinc battery pack options are 2/3 the weight of lead acid and could provide twice the driving distance depending on total vehicle weight.
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