Electric e-bike Kit for Steep Terrain

The highest powered kit available for bicycles...maintaining their license exempt status. (We recommend you verify this with your local authorities, however.)

Capable of pulling you up the steeper inclines, we figured this would be popular here in San Francisco. For safety reasons and to avoid traffic, the less traveled streets are usually steeper and more demanding.
As of March 2001 we stopped importing this kit...until lighter, more compact batteries are more affordable. For 2 wheel applications, we believe the Charger bikes offer far greater value and function at this stage of battery technology and availability...so we are focussing on these "bionic" bikes instead! The Chargers work well in steep terrain and the system safeguards the motor against thermal overload, as does not occur with the Currie/US Pro Drive, and some other popular e-bikes.
Bullet 1 The "legendary" Charger e-bike

Evercel (TM) nickel-zinc batteries will lighten e-bike loads by almost half! The life cycle of these "green" batteries is about three times that of lead acid...and they are not effected if discharged for long periods.

Though the average cyclist cannot yet justify a $500 set of batteries with their special charger, these make sense for other higher power, non-pedal assist electric vehicles.
environmentally friendly batteries
(photo courtesy of Evercel Corp.)