Electric Bicycles

The bicycle has changed very little this past century,

...until now!!!

We sell e-bicycles and kits taking different approaches to delivering power...

Charger Electric Bicycle awarded Grand Winner
Designed and made in the U.S.A. by AeroVironment, Inc. and a well respected bicycle maker, the Charger
e-bikes use a most advanced power system!

Shortly after the Charger was first introduced here,
Popular Science magazine named it Grand Winner for the best new recreational product.

Popular Science said: "Delivering exceptionally smooth interaction between the bicyclist and motor, the Charger powers electric-assist bicycles to a new level of excellence."

Multiply your strength when you encounter hills and head winds! Unlike e-bikes that have a manual "accelerator" for electric assist, the Charger has a pedal pressure sensor that sends a signal to a micro-processor. You push an assist button--adding zero to four times your own strength!...up to 1/2 horsepower.
--Like a regular bike, you must pedal unless you're coasting. But this "bionic" system lets you to go further and up steeper hills than is possible with most e-bikes. Your bike's usefulness extends it way beyond the initial recreational thrill!

$799 !! Better than bikes costing hundreds more!
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There are many advantages to this system, begining with higher electrical efficiency and superior battery management

Add a light "Cro-Moly" frame, top grade aluminum alloy handle-bars, cranks, wheels...internal hub gearing, and more! Unlike most e-bikes that have a single gear motor, the Charger's motor connects directly to seven speeds for greater efficiency...high torque in low gear, high speed in high gear! We don't settle for a one speed transmission in cars, so why settle for anything less on an electric bicycle!

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