Electric Bicycles

One hundred years ago no one would have imagined such a bicycle!
A bike that turns you into an olympic athlete when you need to be one ? ? ?
A bike that's fun to ride up hills ? ? ?

The legendary "bionic" bike.
The Charger is perhaps the most advanced vehicle ever designed for personal use! Both the electronic and mechanical control you have, make this bike the greatest!

The Shimano 7 speed internal hub transmission, activated by the Revo twist shifter...gives you a wide range of gears, to further let you choose how much (or little) you wish to struggle! Try down-shifting at a stop sign on any other e-bike...or pedaling in any gear with no motor drag whatsoever!

After being unavailable for some time, the Charger is back and more affordable than ever before!

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Super Charger Accessory...add seven more speeds!
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Order Your Own Charger Today!

We picked up close to a thousand bikes and have been shipping them from our Manteca, Calif. warehouse! As hundreds go to customers in the U.S. and abroad, we're evaluating designs for the "second generation Charger"...whatever we end up calling it. But one thing is for certain. It'll be tough to make the "Mark II" such a fine bike for the price these bikes now sell for.

Over the next couple of years we hope to continue putting smiles on many faces with the bikes we have...at prices of non-electric bikes with similar fine components! Our goal is to eventually substitute this great bike with one that's even better...to improve on something that's already proved to be way ahead of it's time...at prices everyone can afford! We've pledged to do everything possible to help existing and future Charger owners keep their bikes on the road! We have pallets of parts, including some we had manufactured to guarantee adequate support.

Considering several customers have informed us they've got well over 10,000 miles on their bikes, we're confident new owners will be equally happy!

Please join our mailing list for updates and news that will hopefully be of value to you. Existing Charger enthusiasts who wish to share your experiences, please do! Anyone who has any comments or suggestions for the new generation bike, please email us!
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With new battery chemistries, the driving range for electric bicycles and other e-cycles will improve...or the power pack will be lighter! We'e working to make these batteries an option for Police and other demanding customers. Presently we recommend staying with lead acid, and the new lead with phosphoric acid are worth the extra price...longer life (more discharge-charge cycles), lower internal resistance (more power), very slow self discharge, easier on the environment during recycling...