Electric Specialty Vehicles

Some "cycles" and other vehicles have to be grouped as "specialty transportation".We need smaller vehicles to maneuver where cars don't fit...or are too polluting to use. Remember the "amphibian", cars made in the 1950's? Today's "snow-mobile", "jet-ski", "golf cart", "handicapped cart", and "pedi-cab" are among the many specialty vehicles on and off the road.

We think people will welcome the vehicles we are presently working to electrify!

These vehicles have presented us with special challenges to add e-assist, so for now these quads will remain unpowered unless there is sufficent demand from you. In the mean time we've added a great new line of made in USA quads that ship all ready to roll...in both e-assist and non assist versions!

The Italian quads we continue to sell are very practical for the flatter areas...but when you reach even a slight incline of any real length, you'll welcome the electric assist of our new e-quad line. We're talking of customers that need to wear other than sweat pants or shorts sometimes...who don't want to arrive just so they can take a shower from all the hard pedaling.

Italian "Delfino" , $3995 plus shipping from NYC

Though some of our customers still prefer non-powered pedi-cabs, these and other style pedi-cabs are now capable of using our new high power motor kits shown in the links below.

Adding electric assist still requires plenty of human pedal power, but extends the operator's range to areas beyond the traditional tourist areas... Reduced fatigue means more frequent or longer trips for increased income.
Bullet 1 e-motor conversion kits !
Bullet 2 e-trike pedicabs
Bullet 3 New Product.! ..folding e-wheel chair !!!

Light weight, less caustic nickel zinc batteries.
"Successor Energy" today!
"Evercel" batteries will help make these light weight e-vehicles remain light enough for minimum power assist. If regular batteries last a year, these should last two or more...with no deterioration even if they go for months without a charge. They are half the weight for the equivalent power!