Electric Power Kits for Bikes / Trikes / Quadracycles...

And now, what many of you have been waiting for...
Mid-frame mount for higher power/weight ratio.
Electro-Cycle "E-4" mid-drive motor Kit...

Unlike motors stuck in one gear, these assist in all gears!
--24 Volt, 500 Watt, brushless, 3-phase motor, including built-in controler, planar gear speed reduction (2600 reduced 9.33:1), sensors to prevent over-heating - under-voltage, state-of charge indicators in thumb type speed regulator, brake lever power-off switches (Canada only), and everything you need to tie into the pedal gearing.

EZ3-SX by Sun Bikes with our E-4 motor system
This kit began as an improvement over other attempts to add a mid-frame electric motor to Easy Racer recumbent bikes.

Though we now have motor mounts for some of the "Sun" EZ recumbent cycles (designed by Easy Racers), other cycles have been adapted too...long frames, tandems, and 4 wheel quadracycles. See link below for pictures of these, plus reasons to consider a mid-drive instead of a direct wheel drive system.

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Bullet 2 E-4 kit basic specifications 

With some imagination, regular "diamond frame" bikes could be adapted so long as the chain paths are clear of obstacles... Our "MARK II" e-bike we expect to produce by next season will have a similar mid-drive arrangement, to follow the existing Charger bike product we've been distributing and supporting for several years now.

You can be assured the E-4 kits are in the same high quality category as the Charger bikes, offering the most fun-functional (and price) value possible...just as our Charger bikes have proved to be the best e-bike value on the market! Just ask our hundreds of satisfied customers, many with well over 10K miles on their bikes!

As for future products...we're presently collaborating on a number of other designs we hope to manufacture and distribute by next season... including larger non-pedal LEV's (light electric vehicles).

Sales of bikes and kits continue to fund our efforts to bring about renewable energy powered personal vehicles...hopefully to encourage shorter distance non-freeway travel while reviving a "back to Main Street USA movement" with fewer big box stores and parking lots that could eventually become beautiful parks!
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Some frame designs and applications do lend themselves to hub motor kits...

Hub Motor e-cycle Kit
also available built into various wheel sizes.
These "high power", Model E-1 and E-2 kits are not the normal 200 to 350W type more commonly used in Asia and Europe... They include everything you need to adapt the more traditional adult trikes, as well as other cycles.

The motors are easily adapted to most any "diamond frame" bicycles too. Ultimately we will offer our E-5 mid drive kit for regular bikes to be used in steeper terrain, and to lower weight plus raise efficiency (and battery range/life).

Kit description:
  • 36 and 48 V...up to 1100 W peak power, brushed or brush-less DC motor (161 to 483 rpm versions...20 to 30NM rated torque) Note: sustained power rating ~ 1/2 to 1 HP, depending on voltage...48V versions are special order only!
  • Front or rear hub motor...high torque or high speed versions, for 16" through 26" wheels. (Rear and 700c wheels are special order only).
  • Depending on model, voltage, and wheel size, speed varies from 10 to over 50 KPH (~6 to >30 MPH). Higher than 20 mph intended for off-road only.
  • Range: More than 1 hour running time for 160 lbs rider, flat ground. (12Ah battery , with pedaling)
  • Power Source: 12, Ah SLA batteries in series. Larger SLA batteries and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are special order only.
  • Motor Efficiency: ~87%-95% (brush-less), ~65%-80% (brushed)
  • Motor Size: 7 1/2" dia. x 3" deep, with 7/16" dia. x 6" L shaft. Weight: ~5.4kg. (Front hub mount in most forks; rear hub motor with threads for single or 7 gear cluster...) Note: Smaller geared hub motors available special order, though limited to 24 and 36V 250W.
  • PWM controller with advanced features...in zero start or 5-9 KPH (2-5 MPH) start versions.
    (mouse click for photo)
  • Patented direct drive system for reliable operation in the water, rain, snow or mud.
  • Excellent acceleration with strong torque. Note: consult with us to determine if the torque is sufficient for your application.
  • Free wheeling feature means no motor drag when pedaling or coasting (power off mode).
  • Hub motor does not need maintenance as it is fully sealed at the factory.
  • Very powerful motor with up to 15 percent climbing ability (with pedaling. Note: steeper terrain requires mid-drive set-up.
  • Handle bar mounted thumb or twist grip throttle with variable speed control.
  • Industry standard warranty (by manufacturer).
Ask about premium battery options for lighter weight or longer lasting power!

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For heavier vehicles, contact us for a kit to suit your needs!
(photo courtesy of Solectria Corp.)
(photo courtesy of Solectria Corp.)
We have access to other kits suitable for many types of vehicles:
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Bullet 2 "e-motorcycles" 
Bullet 3 "e-automobiles" 
Bullet 4 "e-trucks" 
Bullet 5 "e-buses" 
Bullet 6 "e-boats" 

New lithium iron phosphate battery options, when available will be longer lasting with less environmental impact...but they must be fully tested before we feel comfortable selling these. Otherwise customers will be gambling based on our not so sure experiences so far.
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