* Our prototype e-CycleCar was completed about the time gasoline prices plummeted from near $5 to $2 per gallon. Great timing on our part!

Now that the world is experiencing a run-up in oil prices once again, maybe these lithium battery, direct drive electric motor to the rear wheel "motorcycles" will be popular as we once thought they would!

Versions were to be 35-45 mph, 45-55 mph, (and 60-65 mph once the tires, suspension, and steering are modified to handle higher speeds). The prototype was taken up to 65 mph across the Hayward-San Mateo bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area...though we don't recommended it be done again until modifications are made.

Price is expected to run between $12 and $20,000, depending on motor, controller, type and size of battery.

Note: Currently these are fair weather vehicles with no side windows. Snap-on soft window extra was made for the prototype, though not designed for quick on-off application.