New e-Prototypes

Our most recent vehicle should catch the attention of many developing countries plus those with imagination in "developed" nations too!

The pick-up and personal versions to follow will easily replace a car or small truck for shorter distances. While lowering cost of travel substantially, CO2 emissions are a minimum, even if the power is from fossil fuel generated electricity.

At 10A current draw in demanding circumstances, using 3, 50Ah batteries the vehicle could run most of the day without the need for recharging. Smaller batteries could be used with more frequent charging.

Unlike other similar vehicles made in Asia, the two speed automatic electric system makes all drivers experts at optimizing efficiency, plus being able to handle loads and very steep hills...greater than 15 degrees! In hilly areas of Asia electric vehicles are less popular than the gasoline versions. Until now these noisy and polluting gas vehicles have been their only options if they want to get up that hill or go very far.

Enclosed versions will make our new trikes popular in harsher climates.

Mid-frame mount cycle conversion kit.
For higher torque / speed...less weight.

Four years ago we teamed up with engineers to help develop a heavier duty, high speed electric utility tricycle.

This non-pedal vehicle is designed to replace heavier golf-cart type utility vehicles used for ground maintenance, industrial / convention hall mobility, and more. It could be used on streets also with proper lighting and licensing.

Like the above pedicab, it includes an automatic multiple speed electric drive system to maximize energy efficiencies. The result is a vehicle capable of 100 plus miles per charge.

We'd like to produce this vehicle also, so contact us if you're an Angel Investor or have access to stimulus monies floating about. We believe these two e-trikes could generate far greater returns in the near term for the US taxpayer than a handful of $120,000 Tesla or Fiskar luxury e-cars presently being developed with our tax dollars...which will be affordable only to those screaming to extend their tax breaks!

We also produced a solar powered version of the popular EZ3-SX trike for Pacific Gas and Electric, the local power utility in Northern California. They've been taking this trike to events to promote their environmental awareness.

While recently maintaining this unique trike, PG & E had just got more than an dozen brand new Chevy Volts for their employee fleet. We have mixed feelings about using a gas engine to generate electricity for the electric drive system, instead of running the gas engine directly to the drive train. It seems less efficient, though perhaps simpler than other hybrid-electric designs. Once Toyota and Ford release their plug-in hybrids, we'll see which systems are preferred by the public.

Meanwhile we continue to produce various versions of the "2nd Generation Charger bike", "Mark II" version worthy of the original Charger's reputation.

To date we've sold over a thousand of these legendary e-bikes, and expect to see these and more on the road for many years to come!

As an entry-level electric vehicle designed to be fun, healthy, green, and economical, the Charger bikes are hard to beat. Check the following links for more about these fine bikes.

Bullet 1 "Charger bikes" 
Bullet 2 "Charger bike designer's other vehicles" 
Bullet 3 "Charger bike models" 

(photo courtesy of Aerovironment)
NESEA first place winner soon after bikes came out

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