Electric Motorcycles and "e-conversion kits"

In addition to several State and Federal tax breaks, environmental and health groups have offered rebate incentives...

Those old cumbersome batteries!
If you wish to extend the life of an older motorcycle, don't rebuild the original combustion engine. We can try to match you up with a better alternative!
--The new Lithium and NiZn batteries we sell could make motorcycles like this look better while extending the driving range.

Photo, design and fabrication by
Gregory Whitney
Mr. Whitney has a stock of motors like the one he used on this Honda.

Batteries have always been the weak link in making motorcycles and other electric vehicles practical.

This conversion, loaded with lead acid batteries is an example.

The new Lithium and Nickel Zinc battery options could make the difference for motorcycle conversions...for those who need a 50 mile (freeway speed) range. Price is still comparatively high, but with government subsidies and people with less range requirements, we may see more e-motorcycles on the road.

Design and fabrication by Econogics, Inc.