Heavy Duty e-trikes for Hills and Cargo

Please note: We are no longer offering these heavy duty e-tricycles in the U.S. Until the manufacturer makes them larger and supplies better brakes, we recommend the 800 and 1000 watt HIGH POWER KITS. Our new arrangements with manufacturers and importers of non-powered trikes allow us to supply you with electric cycles to suit your specific needs...or we can help you add power to an existing trike. We believe this simpler, practical approach, will offer more choices and value!
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Contact us to explain your specific needs. If you can visit us in San Francisco, we should have samples of three wheelers with these new high power kits by mid November. We suggest you test ride them if you can...and place your orders now for Spring 2002 delivery. Earlier delivery dates are possible but will be more expensive to cover the higher air freight costs and single unit customs broker fees.

The new kits may be installed on single front wheel tricyles to drive front or rear wheels. We recommend front wheel drive for ease of installation, though rear wheel drive may be preferable for the heaviest loads and steepest grades.
For three wheelers with a single rear wheel, you would have the motor assembly laced into the rear wheel. This Worksman trike is one of many we now offer for your specialized needs.
Though still expensive, Evercel batteries promise to allow for longer ranges required for certain applications. Soon, we hope to supply you with premium NiZn battery options, for ranges exceeding 50 miles. Looking at it another way, the claims are to be able to practically double driving range by using a stack of Evercel batteries weighing the same as a lead-acid stack. They're supposed to last as much as three times longer, with no degradation if left uncharged for months at a time. 1http://www.evercel.com environmentally friendly batteries
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