More E-Cycle possibilities!

Tricycles were quite the thing over a hundred years ago.

Maybe not quite as maneuverable or portable as a bicycle, they do have advantages!

For the economy minded, our STANDARD style e-trike is based on the "Torker" Import from Taiwan.

STANDARD e-trike

As a Worksman Cycle Dealer, we also offer top grade U.S.A. made SPECIALTY cycles for your e-kit!

Worksman Cycles, Made in U.S.A.

Trikes for comfort...trikes for two (tandem or side-by-side)...trikes for cargo...
Check out WorksmanCycles.com for a full selection...then contact us with your style preference. We will also recommend options which offer value--to suit your individual needs!
Bullet 1 e-Pedi-Cab choices
Bullet 1 Quadracycles and more!
non-toxic , nickel-zinc batteries
order today!
Evercel nickel-zinc battery pack options will offer half the weight, or double the driving distance for the same weight as lead acid.