"Merida" electric bikes

After being misled by the US distributor of "Merida" bikes, we no longer offer these "step-thru" e-bikes. Though the bikes had limitations regarding power and speed, we had thought they would benefit customers in flatter areas...those requiring an easy mounting frame--for shorter neighborhood distances.

Apparently, the "Merida USA" bike distributor was anxious to liquidate inventory, with no intention of finding a replacement company for long term service and parts support...leaving numerous USA re-sellers and their customers "holding the bag" so to speak.

Unfortunately, it's our understanding most of the "Merida" bikes and parts have now left the country, with the few remaining being dumped at rediculously low prices by salvage companies. No service or parts support are we aware of on the horizon.

When Electroportal LLC took over the distribution of CHARGER bikes, we pledged to make every possible effort to keep existing and future customers on the road for years to come...including development of a second generation "Mark II" bike. To date we have not let our customers down, and continue to expect a growing customer base with good service and new products.

The CHARGER bike is still the best e-bike made to date, and you can expect even better things to happen in the future...with continued customer support and satisfaction!
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