Energy Efficient Lighting

When there is no sun, or electric lights are needed--efficient fixtures could help!
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These Metal Halide lights were designed for theatrical, TV and film recording applications--but many public venues use similar types of fixtures. These new Metal Halide fixtures use one seventh the power of equivalent Halogen fixtures...with Halide lamps lasting fifty times longer than Halogen! Their efficiency is multiplied when you consider how much heat other lamps produce, which puts a great load on air conditioners. (Less lamp changing means less labor expense too!)

Another added bonus is the tremendous amount of light even normal residential circuits can accomodate with these fixtures. This significantly reduces the need for large capacity circuits in buildings--saving money and natural resources that would have been used to manufacture the heavy wiring and other extra components. Ultimately, disposal and recycling energy costs are minimized also!
Though these "specialty lights" could replace thousands of antiquated theatrical and recording studio lights, they could also be substituted for very similar fixtures used in auditoriums, schools, factories, churches, and other buildings.

Our supplier is a major producer of lamp holders and sockets that can be used with a number of off-the-shelf halide transformers... in many, many styles of fixtures. Arquitects, interior decorators, industry efficiency experts...all could help influence the acceptance of new efficient lighting products.

Buhl Industries
Bullet 1 70 Watt Fresnel Light Specifications.
Bullet 2 150 W Fresnell Light Specifications.
Electrical specs for the 70 and 150 W "Soft Lights" and "Ellipsoidal Lights" are similar to the above "Fresnel Lights". Physical characteristics of these fixtures are along the same lines as their halogen counterparts--with the exception of a built-in mechanical iris dimming control.

Unlike incandescent and halogen lamps, halide type cannot be turned on and off rapidly due to initial warm up requirements and cool down periods prior to "re-strike". Very expensive "HMI" lights do allow for "hot" re-strike, though are not needed in a majority of lighting applications.
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