July 2003 News Letter (Part 1)

Besides our July 4th Summer Specials mentioned below...

Upcoming events of interest...

--San Francisco City & County Dept. of the Environment plans a series of public hearings on an imaginative "pilot" power plant...using tidal power under the Golden Gate Bridge. No moving parts in a venturi flow design mean minimal havoc to underwater creatures... The potential power is several times that consumed by the city.
--Link to the latest local Sierra Club news letter with more details on the above...and how we all should have some say in whether huge natural gas power plants are right for Eastern Alameda county.
--Huge August San Francisco alternative vehicle rally we mention below...for dates check Dept of the Environment web site
--August 23, 24th "Sol-Fest" in Hopland, Calif. (2 hours N. of San Francisco).

For electroportal and other related news...please be patient as the page loads.

For lighter applications, our new E-150 trike replaces the old "Grocery Store Runner". Using our higher powered motor, the controller is capable of sensing 24, 36, or 48V battery stack. This makes the kit much more flexible because it's now possible to upgrade to a higher voltage by adding one or two batteries and a different charger.

On slopes, it sure is nice to have the immediate start to help get the momentum for pedaling!


Check out our high power wheel motor kit !
UPS and FedEx come to realize trikes mounted to van lift-gates allow for easier front-door access in congested urban areas. (WE HOPE SO !)

And urban streets are not the ONLY places that get clogged up with double parked vans! University campuses, airports, business parks, amusement parks, shopping-mall loading docks... Think of all the areas that could use these for more effective delivery!

More smaller vehicles costing less to operate could mean room for more employed drivers too!!!

So why is it that customers from oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia seem to be more serious about our electric-assist pedal cycles than most North Americans?

Is it because they question the notion, "there will never be an end to cheap oil"?

Thankfully, there are many forward thinking people in all continents that want a part of what's soon to be...
alternative vehicles less expensive to run, using ecologically sustainable power from renewable sources.

We have access to 40 of these (new)...GREAT PRICE!

Besides the container of trikes sent to Saudi Arabia... we're electrifying existing trikes for a variety of applications.

Another great candidate for our high power motor!

Use your imagination with the Ice-Cream trike...or ANY trike! It can be a juice or coffee stand ("gourmet"...for those inclined)...an information "kiosk", a pedal cab...hay cart??
-- If we can't help you with your body style preference, surely someone else can!!

Add some solar panels for longer range, stereo surround sound, electronic messaging...or??
Consider solar-wind power to charge batteries and slow your building's meter.

Interestingly, a Scottish gentleman is testing our bike wheel motors (as generators) in his roof-top wind mill design...for space and water heat in buildings!

This has prompted us to also consider building our own "Savonious" verticle axis wind generators for urban area roof tops. CLICK FOR EXAMPLES and what is available NOW to produce FREE on-site, non polluting energy! Even with huge power plant construction, the California Grid is congested and won't catch up for a decade or more. Why put off capturing solar and wind energy at your home or business...knowing you have taken responsible steps to guarantee a steady supply of CLEAN power.

--And don't forget our SOLAR TRACKING SKYLIGHTS...making more sense (and cents) than converting rays to electricity for day-lighting.

Specials good through July 16th!
CLICK THIS LINK for part 2 of our Summer News Letter

...and for news on Dennis Weaver's recent "Drive to Survive"
AND the politics driving USA transportation.

SUPER SPECIALS for building products ordered before September ! !

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