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(our parallel business of environmentally sustainable product development...please note below)
Based in San Francisco, California...Image Professionals has been established since January of 1993. Initially involved in producing multi-media "Information Kiosks" for trade shows and public venues, we now offer several design and marketing services:

--Web site development and promotion tools... multimedia production and duplication...design, delivery, and implementation of: graphics, signs, displays, and sets--for marketing campaigns, entertainment, and corporate image applications.

We work with the most talented people and companies to provide you a one-stop service for a most comprehensive and effective publicity and marketing plan! If you succeed, we succeed!

Our in house resources and our associations with the best design, fabrication, installation, and marketing people in the very creative San Francisco Bay Area, give your company an edge in the most competitive of business environments! Your image, (and how well it's promoted) is what makes or brakes you!

For businesses interested in an Internet image and presence, it's easy for companies or individuals to develop their own web sites after we get them started! In no time, our customers take the helm of their own "Information Kiosks", accessible by anyone with an internet connection...anywhere in the world! The "Information Kiosk" has now become the "Information and E-Commerce Internet Site". Though we have chosen a simple style for our own web site, Animation, audio, and video elements are an option for you, though we have chosen a simpler approach for our own site until wide-band connections are the norm!

For the more traditional services, we network with the best graphics, display, and multimedia talents available. We have an excellent relationship with exhibit and media related labor unions and professional organizations, who have proven to be extremely reliable...in many ocassions going far beyond the "call of duty"!

Our newly formed "electroportal.com", established in 1999, promises to be a commercial and informational Internet gateway for "successor energy" product developments. Image Professionals' Principal, Sam Wonderly, felt there was a need to help commercialize environmentally responsible products. Many of these products already exist and need simply be introduced and made available to you! Other products will require mass production manufacturing and wide-spread marketing development efforts to make them affordable enough to replace existing technolgies. Please link below to a glimpse of a few products we already have available for you to purchase today!
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