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After getting you started with a basic design for your web site, we put you in charge of your e-commerce success by providing the tools you need to make the changes your company may require! Choose from over 130 colors and a library of over 200 stock graphics, bullets, buttons, banners, backgrounds, and images. You can easily update information and prices, and import your own graphics and pictures too!

The system is design based--not template or catalog based! This eliminates the design limitations that other template-based solutions cause. You can create a variety of pages in addition to the typical catalog page. You can create the style and image YOU want!
With our system, not only do you receive state of the art e-commerce service, but also web hosting, web page building (authoring) tools, full scale catalog, and web site promotional tools. We provide you with all the tools necessary to do business over the Internet...including the "virtual swiper" option you may decide to order for automated credit card billing! Free technical support is available as long as you use our system! We will continue to provide design and other maintenance support at competitive rates if you decide the do-it-yourself approach is not for you.

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