Electric Bicycles

We also have the "moped-style" e-bike...pedal or no pedal...it's up to you!

A better second car
The powerfull 48 Volt system was specially designed here in the U.S. for most people's run-about needs. Though heavier and limited to less driving distance than the "Charger" bikes, we offer these front-wheel drive bikes for people who prefer the "moped" style ride.

Like the "Charger" bikes, these bicycles have a battery pack that's easy to remove for charging at home or at work.
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With Evercel batteries, the range could double to thirty miles or so...without any pedaling. With some pedaling, this could be extended further. The charge cycle life of the new batteries is about three times that of regular lead-acid, with no adverse effects from long periods of discharge.

For our folding, "mo-ped" e-bicycles, new nickel-zinc or NiMH batteries will allow for half the weight of today's standard batteries. Once these battery options are commercially affordable, they will help make folding e-bikes the portable (and trunk loadable!) means of transportation they were intended to be! The new folding bicycles promise to be best sellers for people who prefer to pack their trunk rather than use a bike rack !

Parking your car is not only expensive, you cannot find a place for any price in many downtown areas!
These new folding e-bicycles promise to be best sellers! Once nickel-zinc and nickel metal hydride batteries drop in price, they'll cut down the weight of these folding "e-mopeds" significantly, making them easier to load in trunks and on buses, trains, boats...