Renewable Energy Specials

*****SUPER FALL SPECIALS for orders placed before December 1st!****

LACOTA "roof top" wind generator...
900 Watts rating, with a peak output of 1400W.
Regular price: $1629, (plus $319 for a 25 ft. tower kit, or $369 for a 45 ft. kit).

before December and save $200...on a turbine with tower kit that in our opinion already offered the greatest value!
Compare other generators in this class and you'll see why the LACOTA is clearly the winner!

Includes: 5 / 7 yr. warranty (operating system / carbon fiber props). An extended 7 / 10 years is available for only $179 extra!!

LACOTA "stealth" generator

Californians...don't forget the CECE's extra 50% rebate
on renewable energy generators !!!
(call us for details)

Our 4 x 4 ft. solar tracking skylight, Model ADS-600, has a regular price of $1250.

Order before before December and save $250!! (Further discounts for quantity purchases).

Equivalent to as much as 1000 Watts of flourescent light! But even better... it's high energy sun light!



Charger "COMFORT" model
Free Charger electric bicycle...(new in factory box)
STANDARD or COMFORT model -- for each LACOTA -- ADS-600 order of $5,000 or more.
...through May, 2002.

These originally sold for $1500, and are well worth it! Check one person's web site to see why!

So what's it going to take for more of us to consider buying renewable energy goods?? ...
Government subsidies and special prices? You've got them now...so what are you waiting for??