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We get you started with some basic pages and give you a full package of tools. For anyone with basic "Windows" knowledge (No HTML), you get do-it-yourself design, e-commerce catalog, search engine placement promo, and tons more...including everything but virtual credit card swiper. Simple http uploads from your PC for up-dating your site, at your convenience!
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"Require site integration/including software for searchable database site." The tool package includes data-base integration (for catalog pages...), plus a "site-search" tool that allows anyone visiting the page to access data-base information for the entire site. (I have not placed the site search function on my site yet because there are some files that need cleaning up before doing so.)
"Need someone knowledgeable on all aspects of large site design and on top of new technology" If you check my site, www.electroportal.com...I used this tool package to build the site (half of which was done in a couple of days last week).
The product is ASP type (application service provider), where 50 US$ per month gives you the tools, e-mail boxes, plus 50 megs of space on triple encrypted, very stable hosted site. Unlimited, free technical help (all you pay is long distance phone call to Idaho, or nothing for written questions). Check www.electroportal.com for more information. Others sell this package for three to five times more. Money back guarantee after 29 days if not completely satisfied. If you need further services from us, including more elaborate graphic design, site maintenance, etc...our rates are $50 per hour. (But I don't think you'll need us!)
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I have disabled the following "site search" function, because it would search my site...which needs a bit of cleaning up.

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This entire page, including the three quickie graphics, was done in one hour!