Sample Calendar

This is a sample calendar page which can be easily placed on your web site. Note the e-mail and web site links in the events.

Sample Event
From: 8 :00 AM 01/09/2003
To:     5 :00 PM 01/09/2003
Place: Your Town
We created this sample to show our Y2K preparedness.We also wanted to note that dated events are automatically deleted when the date passes!
Contact: Your Organization 888-888-8888
Sponsor: Your Sponsor

Another Sample
From: 12:00 PM 01/01/2005
To:     2 :00 PM 01/01/2005
Place: Local Hotel
Another sample to show EZ-Calendar
Contact: Sales Representative 888-888-8888
Sponsor: Widgit Inc.
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One More Sample
From: 7 :00 PM 01/17/2008
To:     10:00 PM 01/17/2008
Place: Your City
This sample event is happening in an area near you. Sign up today via the e-mail link above. For more information about this event, visit our web site!
Contact: John Smith 111-222-3333
Sponsor: Central Services
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