June 2003 News Letter

We look forward to the day when UPS and FedEx realize a trike mounted to their delivery van lift-gates would allow easier front door access in many urban areas. And urban streets are not the only areas that get clogged up with double parked vans! University campuses, airports, business parks, amusement parks, shopping-mall loading docks... Think of all the other areas that could also use smaller vehicles for more effective delivery!
And why is it that our customers from oil-producing countries like Saudi Arabia seem to be more serious about our electric-assist pedal cycles than North Americans?

Is it because there will never be an end to cheap oil? Or is it because they want a part of what's soon to be? We think a little of both!!!

We have access to 40 of these (new)...cheap!

Besides the container of trikes sent to Saudi Arabia... we're adapting existing trikes for a variety of applications.

Another great candidate for our high power motor!
Use your imagination with the Ice-Cream trike...it can be a coffee (even gourmet) stand, an information "kiosk", a pedal cab... If we can't help you with your body preference, surely someone else can!!

In other related news last month... Dennis Weaver (Gunsmoke TV series) launched his
"Drive to Survive"
treck across the Continent...to promote Hydrogen as an alternative to imported fossil fuels.

We tip our hat to this noble effort...but wonder what happened to the photo of one of our CHARGER bikes that once held a spot in the Photo Gallery (San Francisco Pit Stop).

For that matter, NO PEDAL CYCLES FEATURED during this "forward thinking" publicity stint for sustainable transportation alternatives!...a drive occuring during BIKE TO WORK WEEK! But we're glad the trike in Utah still holds a spot, even though it is a non-pedal type!

We thought Dennis' assistant organizer was kidding when she said this drive was more of a "car thing"...discouraging us from being the spokes-folk for pedal cycles at the various pit stops planned ahead. But why was the CHARGER bike photo taken out of the photo diary?

Photo Courtesy of ecolonomics.org

Was it the bikes we offered as barter...instead of CASH?...to help sponsor the effort?...

But this doesn't make much sense either, because NESEA (Northeast Sustainable Energy Association) was happy to take a bike to action at a fund raising event during their Sustainable Building Energy Conference a while back. It's interesting that "Dennis' Drive" was timed to end at NESEA's "Tour de Sol" solar vehicle race finish line...on May 14th, in Washington D.C.

BUT ODD...NO PEDAL CYCLES...?? The CHARGER WON the single passenger vehicle division of this same race when it came out a few years ago!!

Could it be the Toyota and Honda car dealers* who donated cars for the journey wanted the bike with it's sign "E-Bikes Make Cents" removed?

(* See *Foot-Note* below regarding the on-going struggle between car makers and alternative transportation)

Maybe "Dennis' Drive" WAS just "a car thing" after all!

If so...we advocate every bicycle, trike, and quadracycle show up at EVERY alternative transportation event, as human power "fuel" is equally, if not more important than the stuff that makes us lazy! (NOT TO MENTION REQUIRES MORE AND MORE ORCHARDS BECOME PARKING LOTS!)

Young people are especially attracted to pedal cycles, and our presence makes a lasting impression.

Tour de Sol, 1st Place Winner
AND MAYBE, JUST MAYBE...might we design our towns and cities for PEOPLE again, instead of CARS!!!!!.....with BIKE LANES, Mass Transit THAT WORKS--hydrogen or electric powered vehicles from clean renewable resources, as WELL as clean cars during the transition period...and for long distance, high-speed travel in more desolate, remote areas...
* Foot-Note: After GM became a significant shareholder in the company who designed these "bionic" electric bikes...CHARGER, LLC ceased to exist. Shortly after mid 20th Century, after GM purchased the electric rail system in the Los Angeles, it ceased to exist (also not profitable). This was shortly after the "Tucker" automobile, decades ahead of it's time in 1948...with a rear mounted horizontally opposed 8 cyclinder helicopter engine...safe front crumple zone and 30+ miles to the galon...Tucker barely covered his obligation to complete 50 of these cars before going bankrupt and later dying at an early age (see the movie, produced by George Lucas, directed by Francis Ford Coppola).

Is it "a car thing"? We think so.
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