December 2001 News Letter
***GREENPEACE ALERT*** Immediate action by all is needed to sway tomorrow's vote! Get the details...and a letter by Robert Redford on related current events!


--Business is booming for bike dealers throughout this city of 7 million people. Why the sudden jump? --Read more...
Photo Courtesy of ITDP -- (click for more info)
Bogota, Colombia sets example.

CHARGER Bikes for Grounds Maint. & Plant Mobility

San Francisco Water Dept. sees Green with e-bikes...also goes for efficient, high energy sunshine in conference room -- pollution free, soon to be cost free!

Solar Tracking Skylights are now a SF Fixture !
So what's it going to take for more of us to consider parking our car...riding a bike, and taking it with us on a bus, train, or ferry? Figure the annoyance of traffic, parking, and vehicle expense... these vehicles make sense! The added benefit of keeping fit should not be overlooked! If Bogotá, Shang Hai, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Venice, and other major cities can do it, what's it going to take for people in the U.S. and other non-cycling countries to see the value of bikes and trikes??
A Winter Special??

SUPER SPECIALS for orders placed before March '02.
Check the low, low prices and get a free CHARGER bike!