News Letter - November 2003 -

link to green festival activities
link to green festival activities
San Francisco "Green Festival", November 8th and 9th at the Concourse Exhibition Center (8th and Brannan).

Don't miss out on a chance to hear 50 speakers and visit 300 exhibitors... including a booth we'll have to show some of our new wares!
*** First 10 people to contact us interested in attending, will get 2 free tickets... a $30 value!

Amazing 1 horse power carry-on! click for more
We'll be focussed on ways to use our cars less...using bikes, scooters, and taking these with us on mass-transit (or parking our cars part way, then cycling or scooting the second leg...)

Be sure and ask about our SHOW SPECIALS!

"Bionic" e-bikes fund our R & D ! click for more

Only slightly larger than cieling fans !
Up to serious 3KW power with 48V, click for more
You'll also see our latest roof-top wind generator... learn about some exciting smaller units we're designing (based on the bike hub motors we'll be showing)... plus our fantastic solar-tracking skylights! Why convert light to power back to light?
1KW fluorescent light equivalent, click for mor

International News Briefs

George W., Arnold Swarzenneger solutions.
Shanghai...looking West for answers! click it
Shanghai On the Move!

Notice most cars are taxi-cabs! How great it would be to have dedicated bike lanes in North American towns and cities!

In the background...imagine the new, efficient high speed mono-rail being built to blend in with the flow! Afraid not! The structure is a "sky-way" for...you guessed it, CAAAARS!

Our beloved multi-national automobile makers have helped convinced the Chinese they need to start building these monstrosities. Never mind the darkness below...or how they'll manage MORE TRAFFIC AND SMOG on the ground floor after they're built!

Two cars in every Chinese family's garage? Why not? We Americans and Europeans have private "luxury coaches"...so why shouldn't the Chinese? It seems Audi, VW, Toyota, GM, and others are certainly willing and able to help them out.
#000000 3111Times New Roma

No bikes allowed, in China ?!?
Will the Golden Arches open doors for more cars with less bike access in China? Already we're seeing signs of this, and some cities have limited motor-bike use to make room for more buses (suposedly)...
though there's now a visible increase in numbers of private cars on the streets.

Sure enough...no bikes on this street.

Back in North America, Mexico City car lobby groups have officials planning a "solution" to the chronic, horrendous, traffic jams. The push is on to build double-decker free-ways--even though many U.S. and European cities have found these INCREASE traffic (and smog).

Meanwhile, in a city without a bicycle lane network, activist groups convinced authorities to use old railroad right of ways for the first "ciclo-vias". But slowing the momentum to build two story "sky-ways" appears tough!

Bikes in Mexico, not just for the daring.

Hope to see many of you at the Green Festival.

Note: We're trying to find a way to exhibit bikes and scooters in the lobby of the upcoming Auto Show (Moscone Center, Thanksgiving Week)...but this may be a long shot.

Many thanks to all for your continued support,

Electroportal Staff