-----------------------------Basic specifications:----------------------------------
Bullet 1 Cro-Moly frame...stronger and more flexible than aluminum, yet just as light. 
Bullet 3 Uni-Sex frame style fits riders 5'3" to 6'3", with possible custom fitting for other heights. 
Bullet 8 Dual purpose Nylon-Kevlar tires on double wall aluminum Weinmann Zack-16 rims. 
Bullet 2 Bike weighs 66 lbs...or 43 lbs. without the battery-charger pack that pops off in seconds! 
Bullet 4 Shimano Nexus 7 Speed Internal Gear Hub, with high power roller brake, Revo speed selector. 
Bullet 6 20 mi. per hr. assisted speed...higher for off-road use or localities with higher assist speed limits. 
Bullet 5 .5 Horse Power motor (sustained rating), peaks at 36 Amps (~ 1 HP). 
Bullet 9 DC permanent magnet motor runs through pedal gearing for higher efficiency and power.
----(Like a car's engine uses a 3-5 speed transmission, the Charger's motor uses a 7 speed hub.)
Bullet 9 Torque sensing controller adds 4 levels of electric assist in proportion to riders pedal input.
----(Unless bike slows to a crawl on steeper hills, peak power is limited to extend range.)
Bullet 9 Membrane key-pad: state of charge indicator, PIN power-up code, 5 level assist selector. 
Bullet 7 Up to 40 miles battery range in lower assist levels...average 25-30 mi. range for most riders. 
Bullet 9 24V 12Ah sealed lead battery...(optional 15Ah extended range or NEW super light lithium!). 
Bullet 9 Smart 115 VAC to 24 VDC battery charger, 4 to 6 hr. charge...1st hr. to 80% capacity. 

Link to how the Charger stands up to the competition!

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