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Image Professionals will shortly launch a business intented to help commercialize new products designed to pollute the environment less, and help us become less dependent on costly fuels that should not be burned as we have done since the stone ages. As the world's supply of oil dwindles...as air and water pollution reach unacceptible levels of contamination, our company would like to join efforts to change the way we derive our energy needs.

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Innovative, efficient, passive fuel cell design.
As we become aware of the negative effects of burning fossil fuels for our energy needs, using these fuels in "chemical reactors" will help us transition to a totally renewable, non-polluting world of solar and hydrogen-based energy systems! When the sun does not shine, a hydrocarbon fuel can be fed into a catalytic reformer, creating the hydrogen gas needed to power simple, fuel cell electricity generators!
Storage devices are needed to store the electricity supplied by the fuel cells...for periods of high demands. New batteries such as these are half the weight of lead-acid, and are made of non-polluting nickel and zinc materials that are recyclable after years of use! Soon we'll see storage systems of all kinds to provide energy for buildings, vehicles, and portable trade / communication tools. new nickel/zinc battery designs

Though we still need cars, trucks, buses, and trains to move people and materials...do we need to use our car for short trips in good weather? As gasoline prices climb, as commuter grid-lock becomes worse...bicycles will make more and more sense!
electric bicycles
Image Professionals is currently working to develop and sell high powered electric bikes for San Francisco hills. The less traveled streets are often steep, requiring plenty of power. Methanol powered fuel cells and batteries such as those above, will be the source of electrical power for these new city bikes. Don't forget the muscle power we will also use, depending on each and everyone's capability.

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