Electric Conversion Kits for Vehicles
--Evercel battery option available for lighter weight / longer lasting power!--
(A tax credit or "environmental rebate" may be available to buyers in certain States.)

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Light to medium duty kits for most cycle applications...

Either 36 or 48 Volt systems are available, depending on the rider's weight and the anticipated terrain. Either way, both are powerfull front-wheel, direct-drive designs...perfect to make existing cycles more useful in many ways!

Heavy duty, highest power allowed for "California License Exempt" road cycles.
(We recommend you check with your local authorities to verify the exemption status)
Intended to power the most demanding cycle applications (tricycle freight, bicycles on steep 30 degree inclines, pedicabs, two and four passenger cycles...), this dual motor system can be wired to switch between parallel and series for added power. The motor lay-out allows for a lower profile, less obtrusive package.
The new Evercel batteries make these kits lighter and more functional.

"e-tricycle taxis"
"e-tricycle trucks"
For heavier vehicles, contact us for a kit to suit your needs!

(Photo courtesy of Solectria Corp.)
"e-specialty vehicles"

Remember, Evercel nickel-zinc battery pack options are half the weight and could provide twice the driving distance!

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