The Cost of Electric Juice

A four-hour recharge for the Charger bike, before the rise in electric rates, was between 3 and 4 cents. Now it may be as high as 5 to 6 cents in some places...still a bargain considering riders can log up to 40 miles per charge depending on the level of assist chosen, their weight, wind conditions, terrain, etc... Though the average distance may be between 20 and 30 miles per charge for Charger this 5 to 6 cents with over $2.00 per gallon for the same distance traveled in a compact car! It's about forty times less costly, and even more times less polluting--considering the amount of hydroelectric power generated in California.

For our 48V hub motor trikes running with 7Ahr. batteries, (12V 28Ahr. vrs. 12V 24Ahr.) the price is between 6 and 7 cents per charge. Considering the average miles per charge for the trikes may be 15 to 20 miles (with some pedaling), this figures about 25 times less costly than driving the same compact car. The trike takes about 2/3 more electricity than the Charger due to the extra weight and less efficient motor and mechanical gearing.

What does this mean? Fuel costs for forty Charger cyclists are the same as for one compact car driver...and they don't have parking, insurance, registration, or no where near the upkeep costs! Then there's the health maintenance benefits of moving your legs and keeping physically fit, plus the pleasure of having wind blow in your face!