We sell e-bicycles taking different approaches to delivering power...
Designed jointly by two large American firms...an electronics company and a popular bicycle manufacturer, the Charger uses a most advanced power system!

Unlike sytems where the rider directly controls the power to the motor, the rider's pedal force is sensed by a device that controls the level of assist. The rider choses from zero to four...equal to an assist of one half to four times the rider's own strength! Unlike other e-bike systems, you must pedal or you don't move...but it's what makes the Charger "bionic"!

There are many advantages to this system, begining with higher electrical efficiency, longer range, and superior battery management!

For those of you who prefer "mo-ped" style e-bikes where you pedal only if you want to, we offer front wheel drive conversion kits for most bicycles and tricycles. The kit comes with proper wheel spokes, a hub motor, electric/speed controlers, battery pack with mounting rack, and charger.
Check our web site for other e-cycles--tricycles, quadricycles, and more!!!

Other features make the Charger perhaps the most advanced vehicle ever designed for personal use.

The Shimano Nexus 7 speed internal hub transmission, activated by the Shimano Revo twist shifter...gives you unparalleled mechanical assist!

Both the mechanical and electronic control you have, make this bike capable of the greatest range possible on a full battery charge!

With Ni-Zinc or NiMH batteries, the range will double, or the power pack will be about half the weight! We are working to make these batteries an option for Police and other demanding customers.

(Rock-Shox front suspension is also an option.)

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